Seven years have passed since I wrote the text below. We’ve graduated from uni, gotten jobs, gotten married, had kids, and become the flabby monsters we swore to always make fun of. This is for you guys, fellow bros.

(Update Jul 2006) And also dedicated to Derek, our captain, who always knew how to look good even with salt spray in his face.

Update as of 31 Dec 1998

It looks like Club X is more or less on the downturn nowadays. Whereas once we used to hang around each other like flies, everyone is settling down and going his own way. Uni life for the guys and working life for the girls..This was expected, but I guess nostalgic old me is still the only fool reminiscing about the good ole days.

Well, the history of the ACJC Canoeing and Dragonboat Club (Singapore) is one thing but each and every team has it’s own special story to tell. I can’t possibly list out here the crazy things that we did during training, most people wouldn’t believe us anyway and some people would probably come and put my head on the chopping board for a great lack of humility. Well basically the team is made up of

GUYS (rah!rah!):

Derek Cher the Captain, Dominique Sy, Ben Lim, Andrew Lim, Andrew Teong, Pok, Ronald Low, Mohd. Shafiq, Ye Wenliang, Tan Ching Siew, Jerry Goh, Naveen Mudeliar, Kenneth Lau, Tan Teng Yew, Wong Weicheng and me of course. We are all single, handsome and available; girls pls email me to contact the rest. Only young, nubile and preferably model or actress wannabes need apply.

GIRLS (ditto!)

Grace Ho the Captain, Nurul Ashikin, Sharon, Eulindra Tang, Eileen Er, Karin Ng, Tan Siwei, Shuling, Cynthia, Leong Sheau Ling, Yang Yanyi. They too are young, spicy and I think they are available. (If I write anything derogative here my head is sure to go!)

For all you netsurfers who have no idea what the hell is dragonboat, it is a long boat where 24 or 12 hunky guys would row like slaves in a galley to the beat of the slavemaster in front with a drum. Canoeing is basically a one or two person affair like kayaking. Most people think we are psychos, jocks or jockettes but I’m glad to announce that that story is quite true.

We used to canoe in McRitchie and no longer because they claim that crocodiles proliferate in that reservoir. Which is strange because we cavorted in those waters like nobody’s business. Dragonboating was done in the stinking Kallang Basin and competitions were held at the old Marina Bay area, where thanks to arty-farty people, has been converted to some arts centre that looks like an egg. Now competitions are held at East Coast where curious onlookers get perplexed by all the heaving and grunting.

Originally, about 100 people joined the team during the first sessions but obviously, most of them didn’t make it and after around 4 months of training our numbers settled down to this gay lot. We had plenty of fun as juniors but had our butts whupped by the seniors, which of course is what we repeated to our juniors. We all slimmed down, put on a new shade of skin, and for everyone, received life-long scars on our small butts. (For any grand junior that happens to stumble on this page, yes, the scars do not go away!) For many, the premise of having a regime such as ours, which was basically: Sleep, train, sleep, train, maybe study, sleep…. was enough to put them off. Up till now I can’t figure out how we managed to survive two years like that.

Life in ACJC was fun especially if you spent most of the time in dreamland.

Well, enough crap. Basically what’s more important is that I publicize how good our club really is. Practically the whole world doesn’t know that as a miserable school team, we went abroad to Hong Kong in June 1994 to participate in the Hong Kong World Dragonboat Competition. We didn’t just go there to visit Planet Hollywood, we actually won the Student’s Race there man! Not to mention runners-up in the Hong Kong Championship for all category victors! Our girls won plenty of trophies in the following Canoeing Championship! We have plenty of hunks and babes in the club!

Nobody knows that! Isn’t it sad?

Well that’s what Club X is all about. Plenty of good memories to fill our flabby stomachs now.

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  1. Yeah i was into dragonboat too in school and NS … lots of memories there

    Thanks for reminding me to reminisce my good ol’ days …

    All of us these days are just afraid of developing that spare tyre, haha

  2. This picture really bring many good memory of derek. It is still a shock to me regarding his sudden death. Take care, ex-ACians.

  3. Hey Ian,

    Just wanted to shoutout that I really enjoyed reading your web as I find much similiarities between your life and mine. I was an AC boy, canoed and dragonboated there, went on to ACJC, got trained in recce, aka learnt how to ride a bike in army, etc…. Thanks for your insight and sharings! They’re a real encouragement! 🙂

    – JW

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