Ducati Monster 1200S – Portraits with my iPhone

Every Ducati is a work of art, and it’s always fun to find new ways to photograph these beauties on a small island like Singapore. I used to scout actively for photographic opportunities on my previous Monster 1100 Evo with my larger cameras, but I’ve slowed down a bit with my current Monster 1200S due to work and generally lousy weather.

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How To Stay Alive Riding A Motorcycle In Singapore

It is true that Singapore has some of the worst drivers in the world. To be fair to the driving community, I would also add that we also have some of the worst motorcyclists too. I’ve been driving and riding for about 20 years and I still can’t help but get upset when I see so many instances of bad behavior on our roads.

Our island is a very small place, and yet we have almost a million vehicles (972,037 vehicles as of 2014, to be exact) jostling for space on our roads. With such congestion, it’s no wonder we constantly see cases of road rage, reckless driving and vehicle pile-ups on expressways.

As a motorcyclist, you’re the most vulnerable of all, and every ride you take does put your life at more risk than any other road user. So I decided to pen down all the lessons I’ve learned over the years for other bikers.

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Gorgeous Skies at Upper Peirce Reservoir

Upper Peirce 4 Jan 2013

I often wake up early about 6am to go for jogs or to wait for the sunrise, and today I decided to go to Upper Peirce for the first time at such an hour to check out the sunrise. I was stunned by what I saw, and here are some photos all taken within a few minutes of each other. God truly creates beautiful things we cannot fathom.

Please feel free to download these images for your own desktop and smartphone wallpapers, and I’m not going to spoil them with watermarks because my ego isn’t that big. But if you’re going to share them or use it on your own site, please remember to credit me and the date with location (Ian Tan, Upper Peirce Reservoir, Singapore, 4 Jan 2014).

Upper Peirce 4 Jan 2013 B

Upper Peirce 4 Jan 2013 C

Upper Peirce 4 Jan 2013 D

Monster at Upper Peirce 4 Jan 2013
And of course, I won’t forget to have a shot of my Ducati Monster 1100 Evo when the sky is so beautiful. This is the only photo where I had to use the HDR mode on my camera so I could bring out some details of the bike’s form.