Anyone Can Lose Weight – Ian Tan


The e-book that will transform your life with effective weight-loss advice.

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The 30 min read which will transform your life. You are about to start your journey of losing weight the healthy way…and keeping it off for good!

This $4.99 (Singapore Dollars) e-book makes it possible for just about anyone to lose weight by first understanding how we eat today, and rediscovering the lost knowledge of simple food nutrition and balanced living.

Written by Ian Tan, a former award-winning journalist at Singapore Press Holdings and regional marketer at Microsoft, the book will not take you more than an hour to read and digest, and begin transforming the way you live and eat.

Originally written for his friends and colleagues in Singapore (who began to see real-world results immediately after reading), Anyone Can Lose Weight offers advice that will work for anyone in the world facing the same issues of obesity and ill-health, and wondering why diets don’t seem to work for them.

Read more about how this book came about, and check out a sample page here.


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