Wiping Away The Material Life II – One Year Later

It has been over a year since I embarked on a cleaning up of my material life, and I would like to share some learnings if you are interested to do the same and reject the materialistic lifestyle of many people in developed countries. Last year I compiled a bunch of lifehacks to save money in Singapore, and I’ve continued to learn more ways to live like a modern minimalist.

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Who should you blame for your lousy wedding photos?

It was your big wedding day and everything seemed to be going great. Then you receive your wedding photographs and they look like amateurish crap. Who should you blame?

I am sorry but it is your fault.

Yes, you, the victim of bad photography, are to blame.

Because unlike the weather, this is one of several things which you actually have complete control over when you plan for your wedding.

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A letter to Singapore parents

Dear fellow Singapore Parents,

When I was in Basic Military Training (BMT) in 1995, I saw a sight that burned into my mind till today. It happened during the weekend when parents could come visit their poor, suffering boys after the first two weeks of BMT training.

I was waiting for my mum to turn up when I saw this scene – one of the recruits was sitting upright on a bench, closing his eyes and looking very pleased. His mother was sitting next to him, and was carefully using a cotton bud to dig his left ear for him. There must have been a lot of ear wax to excavate, because both of them did not pay attention to the rest of the world.

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When Singapore drivers become boiled frogs

It is one thing for the Government to track your every move. It is another thing for them to charge you money for it.

Today, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) announced that it has awarded a $556 million tender to NCS and MHI Engine System to build Singapore’s next-generation electronic road-pricing (ERP) system. One which will have islandwide coverage and the ability to charge for distance travelled, and is slated to launch in 2020.

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This is not a Rebecca Lim commentary

I’ve been telling my friends that the whole Rebecca Lim and NTUC Income publicity stunt was such a non-story. So writing this piece on my blog kind of contradicts myself, because I am writing a story about a non-story. Even talking about it has made it a story.

But let me be clear here. This is not a commentary about Rebecca Lim. This is about how society is spending too much time getting its knickers in a bunch over nothing.

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