Why I believed

Becoming a Christian – My Dec 1997 baptism speech at Leng Kwang Baptist Church

I spent 12 years in a Christian school, ACS, but never accepted Christ. I did believe that there was a God and there was a Jesus but had never accepted Jesus as my personal Savior. Over the years, chapel and Christian doctrine in school became familiar but boring. I learnt many stories and facts about the Bible but never really thought about Christ being in my life. He did not matter to me then, except during periods like exams when I would pray for good results. I did get good results but I always promptly forgot about God after that.

In 1992, something happened that made me realise how real God was. It was my O levels and my mum was struck with cancer and although my family members did not tell me, I just had this feeling of dread and I knew something bad had happened. So who could I turn to? I could only pray then and prayed to the Lord that nothing bad would happen to my Mum. Only after the exams did I find out what the situation really was and of course it was devastating. My only hope was that my prayer would work.

My mum had a steady recovery and all has been rather well since then. I came to realize that there was someone looking over me even if I did not acknowledge His presence daily. However I continued to live my life as I had before, taking comfort in the fact that everything had gone well anyway, even with my sinful ways. To tell the truth, I had a fear of commitment to God, I feared giving up my lifestyle and my habits. I feared the possible sacrifices that I thought I had to make for Him. For five years I lived with that fear and I resisted attempts by my friends to get me to go to church, giving them poor excuses. When I did go on one occasion, the service was as boring as the school chapels that I had gone to and it turned me off even more. But I always thought about what God had done for me.

Finally this year, Edwin provided a good opportunity for me to come to this church. The details don’t matter but the fact was that something in me changed. I began to see things differently and I dare to say that it was God’s work. The facts and stories that I had learnt as a child became truths and I saw no need to fear a commitment to God. With the help of Grace, who is now in UK, I finally accepted the fact that Jesus was our Savior and he was sent to Earth to die for our sins so that we may have everlasting life in His Kingdom. We were born into a sinful world but He had already paid our debts for us two thousand years ago, it was up to us whether we wanted to believe in Him.

Many things have changed since September, the way I live my life, the things I say, the thoughts I think…it has taken on a new meaning. I can even see my old sinful self dying away gradually but surely. It has taken many years but I am glad today that I finally know what my purpose in life is- to serve His Will.

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  1. Is good to believe there is God like many other religions doctrines but within these 34k denomintions, under One Bible, many do not agreed among themselves. If you want to know more about the hidden Truth within the Bible or if anyone among your organisation have had seen this mystery person ” Jesus” walking on the surface of the water then is all just ….. “WORD as IDOL/God” faith.

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