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To differentiate oneself in the world today, and more importantly, to make an actual impact on multiple audiences, the modern person has to become an effective communicator with an arsenalĀ of communication skills.

Why? You already know this as well as I do.

We are utterly overwhelmed each day from the moment we wake up – drowning in countless emails, social media comments, blog postings or Instagram snapshots.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a business manager, a marketing manager, a sales account executive, a software engineer, a customer service officer or even a student. Everyone around you is either too busy, too tired, or too distracted on their smartphone. You need to cut through the noise and get your message across, or people won’t listen to what you have to say.

Are you armed with the right skills?

Communication skills can encompass previously niche areas like product marketing, public relations, business writing, public speaking, social media literacy, media literacy, data analysis and even the ability to create an impactful one-page Powerpoint presentation.

Whether you are driving a local consumer marketing campaign, presenting your prototype of the latest mobile game innovation, or doing a pitch to a potential business client, you need to engage your audience (of one or of thousands) in the simplest and most powerful way.

Believe it or not, a combination of a few or many of the communications skills that I listed above have become necessary for the majority of people in the working world, not just for those with glamorous titles like “marketers”, “ad agency people” or “public relations experts”.

You can read dozens of self-help books or attend weekend media workshops, but I personally believe that effective communication skills are built up through professional mentorship, coaching and feedback.

You might ask, “I don’t know of any experienced communications person, where do I get this coaching? Why do I need these skills anyway? Will it really make an impact in my job or studies?”

I have been answering those questions for many years, and it’s really because my career roles have always been focused on engaging with other people with stories, ideas and products they are interested in.

I’ve worked in the media and the consumer technology industries for over 17 years – starting with my journalism career in 1998, and then moving on to the IT industry doing marketing communications, public relations and currently driving key pillars of marketing and business operations in the consumer technology market. In that time, I’ve had thousands of articles and photographs published, run many major marketing campaigns and launched over a hundred products.

Through all this time, I have learned that technology and social media are rapidly transforming the market but one thing stays constant – if you cannot communicate well, you cannot be heard. And communications is not limited to one channel, you have to use the best platform(s) for your needs and decide how many people you want to influence. Below are a few examples of my ongoing work in communications:

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If you are based in Singapore and interested to build your arsenal of communication skills, I may able to help you. It doesn’t matter how new or experienced you are at this, whether you are working or still studying, or you want to help kickstart your business’ communications capability, or maybe you just want to become a better speaker and writer.

Please drop me a line using the contact form below and I will contact you within 48 hours to discuss further on how to unlock your future.