Biker Bites – A dialogue with the Traffic Police

It’s been a busy time at our new startup but I took some time out today to attend my first dialogue session organized by the Traffic Police for the motorcycle community.

I usually hang out with my fellow Geeks on Motorbikes so it was interesting to see who else would turn up. There were representatives from the driving schools, the Singapore Kindness Movement, a cycling group, a Vespa group and the largest group of bikers were from the local Harley commmunity (well, the event was held at Harley-Davidson’s showroom after all). I was the only Ducati rider there.

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Biker Bites: Getting Squeezed In Class 2A

A lot of people believe that a Class 2A motorcycle is good enough for daily commuting use. It’s true as the stalwart Honda Super Four (400cc) has been the most popular mid-range bike on our Singapore roads for the few decades. Even my aunty asked me why I don’t ride “that bigger Honda bike”.

However, this could be the class of motorcycles where bike dealers can squeeze buyers most effectively. If you are looking for the best deal in Class 2A, you may only want to buy used, and not new motorcycles.

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Singapore Licence Plate Generator

If you are bidding for a Singapore licence plate for a car or motorcycle, you’ll probably be wondering how the Land Transport Authority comes up with the last alphabet of every plate. For example, the “L” in SKR22L or the “Z” in SJN555Z. It’s some complex formula I won’t go into, but here’s a nifty online tool to find your ideal plate number combo for future series of plates.

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Biker Bites : Thoughts on the tragic motorcycle accident

First off, this post could be disagreeable to both car drivers and motorcyclists alike, so please hear me out first. I have spent a lot of time writing about motorcycles and how to stay alive as a biker, but I know many bikers won’t bother until they get into situations where they truly understand the risk.. or maybe it might be too late by then.

Screenshot from ST website about the 21st Sep motorcycle accident.

This week, apart from the awful haze from Indonesia, a lot of Singaporeans were stunned by the news of a young 25-year-old Ducati rider who was killed by a big truck on the Pan Island Expressway at the Kallang area. The accident was grisly and bikers pleaded with others on Facebook not to distribute graphic photos of the accident.

The 50-year-old driver of the truck was arrested and many keyboard warriors assumed it was his reckless driving that killed the biker.

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Biker Bites : A snapshot of the Singapore motorcycle market

The mainstream media covers the rise and fall of the Singapore car industry extensively, but motorcycle sales statistics largely get ignored. So being the usual kaypoh that I am, I pulled out some public documents from the Land Transport Authority to show you what’s happening with the local motorcycle market.

If anything, it’s good information for bikers who want to know how their favorite brands are doing in our small market, and it explains why the mix of of motorcycles on Singapore streets is changing gradually towards the high-end.

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