Ducati Monster 1200S – Portraits with my iPhone

Every Ducati is a work of art, and it’s always fun to find new ways to photograph these beauties on a small island like Singapore. I used to scout actively for photographic opportunities on my previous Monster 1100 Evo with my larger cameras, but I’ve slowed down a bit with my current Monster 1200S due to work and generally lousy weather.

Monster at Bartley Flyover
Sunrise in the eastern part of Singapore. The trick to bringing out the colors in this photo is to use the new Defog tool in Photoshop Express on the iPhone – it’s the equivalent of a very good polarizing filter on an SLR.

Nevertheless, over the past few months I’ve managed to take a few nice shots with my iPhone 6 and I thought I should share them here. There’s nothing quite like the convenience of a powerful smartphone paired with the editing power of PS Express (a free mobile version of Photoshop) to bring out the luscious Monster goodness.

Monster at R69
Freshly washed and polished at R69 Ultimate Detailing, a rock-solid car and motorcycle detailer in Singapore. If you own a beautiful bike, you owe it to yourself to get it properly coated with hydrophobic treatment and maintained regularly.
Monster at Tiong Bahru
I often visit Tiong Bahru to get breakfast for the kids. The back alleys are often fascinating. This photo was taken after I watched Star Wars The Force Awakens, and I did up the angle and colors to make it look like part of the famous Ep 4 Trench Run scene.
Monster and Vyrus at ECP
A morning out with the Ducati-powered Vyrus 985 C3 V4 – the only one in Singapore or SE Asia for that matter. It usually rains when this Vyrus appears, so we were lucky that morning.
Monster at Bishan Depot
After the rain, at Bishan train depot area. Finding the right mix of clouds always takes a lot of patience and luck.
Monster at Bishan Depot 2
Another shot at the train depot area.
Monster at Marina Barrage
At Marina Barrage. I’ve been waiting a while to do this photo, just had to find the right puddle of water to park next to, and the right sky and clouds.