I asked myself…

I had an interesting time this past week listening to different conversations and encountering some unique situations. They triggered some existential and day-to-day-living questions in my head and I thought I’d write them down to mull on them further.

1. What defines a person’s status or position in society? His job, his skills, his knowledge, his attitude towards life, the way he treats others, the way he asks to be treated, his wealth (or his idea of wealth), his possessions, his impact on others, his looks, his conversations or his family?

2. Do other people often define us in their own terms? ie. Do people pigeon-hole other people based on what they can understand of themselves?

3. What does it mean to do one’s best? When it impresses other people or when it impresses oneself?

4. When a pastor preaches at his flock and tells them not to live the rat race and live a materialistic, hedonistic life, how many of them actually realize that they’re the ones being described?

5. Do people realize when they have become followers, and living their lives according to how someone defines it for them? Does this in turn lead to the creation of the “status quo”, when enough people believe in a certain definition of “the life they ought to accept” and then actually go fulfill it?

6. Should people live their lives in fear of what might happen, or in the hope of what might happen?

7. Which makes more sense – to lead a life solving problems created by others, or to lead a life solving problems created by oneself?

The last one is the question I’m most interested in.

2 Replies to “I asked myself…”

  1. Dear Ian,

    1. Arent you going to answer your questions?
    2. Maybe another question to add on to the list “how many people will admit the truth to themselves for these questions?”

    Reading your blog is always a pleasure!

    1. Hi Vidhya,

      1. I’m still in the process of answering the questions, still need more time and experience.
      2. Actually I find that there are many who probably will not grasp the truth of some of the questions I’ve posed, much less the answers.

      Thanks for reading this site!

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