The first steps to losing weight

I’ve written plenty on weight loss and weight management over the past two years but something still bugs me constantly – it is so difficult for most people to get started because their minds are filled with so many misconceptions or excuses.

On the other hand, I’ve also seen some friends or acquaintances actually lose weight effectively. No, not all of them read my e-book “Anyone Can Lose Weight” but the book did come in handy for some. All these people did was to clean up their diet with healthier choices and a little exercising. No miracle cures involved.

So how can you fall into this camp of successful fat-busters, instead of wallowing in continued defeat and self-pity? I’ll make this post short so it’s easy to remember, and forgive me for being blunt, but I’m sure you’ll understand my point.


Looking for miracle diets or weight loss supplements.

None of them are scientifically proven to work in the long term and you risk all sorts of complications because you don’t know what they actually do to your body.

Saying that your previous diets failed.

They failed because you tried something you read on the Internet, or some friend told you it’s going to work but they hadn’t proven it themselves.

Complaining that weight loss is hard.

Of course it’s hard. It’s very easy to put on weight, but always difficult to take it off. And unless you have a medical condition, your weight is 100% under your control. It’s just that many of us relinquish control of our weight to our first world lifestyles.

Saying that you need to justify eating good food because you work hard at your job.

Well, that’s also like saying you deserve a heart attack or stroke from all that rich food because you worked so hard. Or that you deserve to wear oversized baggy clothes, have flabby lumps or double chins because you’re a top performer in the office.

Exercising vigorously without cleaning up your diet.

I see this so often – people going for several hours of intense workouts and then later gorging themselves on rich food again. Unless you’re an athlete who trains daily, no amount of exercise will help if your diet is not balanced and healthy.


Here are a few suggestions that will get you started in the right way. The full details of weight loss management are in my book, but take this as the appetizer first.

Get a digital weighing scale and weigh yourself every morning.

The modern bathroom digital weighing scale is extremely accurate, and will often show you your weight up to the nearest hundred grams. You should weigh yourself after you wake up and have peed, that’s what I like to call my “dry weight”.

Some dieticians say you should only weigh yourself once a week because your weight can fluctuate, but I find that to be silly – what if you happen to weigh yourself on a day each week where your weight is abnormally high or low due to water retention?

Start exercising in very small increments.

Please don’t start running 5km or 10km routes. If you’ve never exercised regularly, just jog 1km to start warming up, and then slowly increase the distance by 500m every few runs to see how it goes.

Avoid any really oily food or sweet beverages

Apart from the occasional roti prata, I hardly eat any Malay or Indian food these days, and I also haven’t eaten char kway teow, carrot cake, and other oily Chinese food for a long time. I don’t miss them at all, but many people cannot imagine living without these staple Singaporean hawker fare.

Finally, consider owning my e-book “Anyone Can Lose Weight”

The methods in my e-book have been proven to work because it’s based on common sense and government health advice, and you can finish reading it within 30 minutes. If you think my writing here is useful, well there’s lots more to read in my book!

Cheers and good luck!