Things I say when I’m 38…

I’m waiting for my stomach to settle before going for a late night jog at the hotel gym, so I am listing down some things that sometimes cross my mind at this age before my bad memory wipes them out:

The friends that I knew at 18 would be my good friends forever, are still my good friends today. And we still crack the same jokes.

I have unfollowed many friends on Facebook, and unfriended more than a few. I think life is too short to just “know” people, we ought to get to know them really well or don’t bother at all.

I’m glad I got to experience the music of the late 70s to the 90s, and I think today’s music is just abysmal. I’m also glad for Spotify which allows me to listen to just about anything on demand, and Taylor Swift is a nobody to me.

I do enjoy being right in situations (“I told you so!”), but it’s more important to keep your mouth shut because you see how poorly everyone, including myself, take any criticism.

I can only respect people with real skills. People who can do honest good work with their hands, and who work to make things better for others. Everyone else is just a talker and I really don’t wish to spend much time with them.

I don’t know why I’m still learning the violin even though I’ll never be a great, or even good musician. But I admire the patience of my teacher who has stuck with me for so many years, and that’s something to learn too.

I’m not afraid of death or lousy bosses. But I’m afraid of bringing up my children poorly.

I’ve been writing a lot since I was a child. But oddly, I’ve found that I have never written any good fiction… or more like I have no motivation to write stories from my imagination. I just prefer to read fiction than to create it.

I really dislike insincere people and you can usually tell them apart immediately. You know, the type that when they are introduced to you, talk to you for half a sentence and then look away to talk to someone else.

I’ve noticed that most bad/inconsiderate drivers tend to be quite unpleasant-looking too. It’s a habit of mine to drive up next to them to take a look out of curiosity.

I have many mixed feelings about my time in journalism. But through it, I learned one important thing – history always repeats itself and you’d better not be stuck there when the bad cycle happens again.

When I was young, I made my passion my work, and I sacrificed my passion in the process (eg. photography). Now, I think it’s better to just make your work a passionate endeavor.

Life is usually about making the best of your current situation and praying every night to God for help.

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