I’m still here

I haven’t updated this blog in over a month, which is pretty long considering that I’ve always tried to write at least one post every few weeks to keep the blog alive.

It’s been a busy period at work, with new product launches, corporate reorganization and I’ve also been spending more time with Isaac with his schoolwork. Another new distraction is my new Ninja 250R motorcycle, which requires hours of running in, so I’ve spent some early Saturday mornings taking a spin to Lim Chu Kang and back.

I’ve also been pondering on more things which I don’t necessarily want to share online (here or Facebook) regarding work, people, and the things I want out of my life.

Some of my friends claim that by getting a bike, I’m going through a mid-life crisis. From their perspective, perhaps, but I don’t think there’s any crisis at all. The bike is merely a fulfillment of a long-time desire since I received my army bike licence at the age of 19. What I’m facing is more like I’m approaching a major fork in the road, and that the decisions I make today may set the stage for the rest of my life.

What I also feel is that I may be inadvertently walking in the footsteps of my ancestors. With little career guidance in my youth, I had made some career moves (eg. taking a scholarship) that had unintended repercussions over a long period. And my gut feeling is that I’m not the only Tan in my family to feel this way through the years.

As one gets older and receives good advice from seniors and friends, broadening one’s perspective greatly, it’s hard not to look back and wonder what if we had gotten those advice much earlier. How different would things be today?