Isaac’s Gundam Avalanche Exia


This is the second High-Grade Gundam set that Isaac and I worked together on. The Gundam Avalanche Exia 1/144 is a recent release by Bandai from the Gundam 00 series and for a small model, has a magnificently complicated design. I do wish I could have painted it for better aesthetic effect, but I’m saving the airbrush for bigger models with more details and decals.

As I continue to assemble more Gundams, I have increasing admiration for the artists  who come up with these designs that mesh together art and robot mechanics.

Of course, you could say that all the Gundams look the same (I thought the same just a year ago), but take a closer look and you will be able to appreciate how the designs have evolved over the years from the very first RX-78. Essentially all Gundams are based on a samurai design, which is always cool Open-mouthed smile.

Now if only the guys who designed the atrociously ugly, insectoid Transformer movie robots understood it like the Gundam designers.