Rebuilding my childhood

OK, that title was just to throw you off, and I’m a bit tired of all the serious blogging topics, like errr, the General Elections. Now to share some lighter stuff, and I’m sure the guys would be interested in….

Anime model making!

I’ve always wondered why Gundam hobby sets from Bandai were so popular in Singapore. Then I got hooked myself, at least on the classic models. I’m not a fan of most Gundam models as they’re overwrought with weapons and fancy wings. I’m more old school, and the models below are all from my childhood Japanese cartoons. Most hobby sets are severely overpriced in Singapore, so these days I’m ordering more from Hobby Link Japan.

It started with a Sun Goku (Dragonball) set, which has amazing articulation and can be made to pose in just about any fighting or hero pose. It was here that I got really fascinated by the level of detail that Bandai put into their Gunpla (Gundam Plastic Model) sets. I did this within two days.

Gokou (8)

After that, I decided to build the classic Gundam RX-78 (from the original cartoon) and was most impressed by the detailing, decals and just sheer handsome-ness of the mech machine. I decided to invest in an airbrush for this set, and there was a steep learning curve in learning how to do a base coat and then mixing the colors right. It turned out pretty ok, but now looking at it, it’s not very realistic. This took about a week to fix up.


Next up was a Mazinger Z Big Bang Punch edition. I skipped the painting for this as it was more a toy for me and the kids to share (yes, I admit it, we share toys!). Also, the plastic was all glossy and that’s how Mazinger should look like. It was an easy set, so it took less than a day to snap it all together. And it transforms into a big fist too!

Mazinger Punch 06 Mazinger Punch 12

Mazinger Punch 07

Then came the big Kahuna – the Armored Trooper VOTOMS Scopedog! I started this project in July 2010 and didn’t finish it until 22 April 2011. The main reason was that I took really long breaks in between painting and actual assembly (reason: feeling lazy). It helps that the Scopedog is a rather rugged looking dude, built like a tank and the guy who designed it wisely used the right combo of greens and blue for great impact. Whether you paint it or not, it’s a great-looking model.

This project was where I decided to apply everything that I had learnt in my short career in airbrushing and model making. By now, I had also amassed more Tamiya acrylic paint and thinner than I ever imagined.

  • Pre-shading of parts to make them look more 3D.
  • Post-shading using enamel black paint over the base acrylic paint.
  • The enamel paint was also used to fill in the panel grooves for more realism.



So what’s next?

Space Battleship Yamato! (Takuya Kimura and his amazing hair not included). This is going to take me quite a long time, as there are many small turrets to paint, and I need to figure out how to make it look like a battle-worn cruiser.


The raw parts. You can see how long the ship is (70cm) if you notice the pen knife at the bottom right. I’m really excited about this model, but I don’t have any place in my house to display it!



(That means “transformation!” in Japanese)

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