Onswipe transforms your WordPress blog for the iPad

I found out about this new WordPress plugin today called Onswipe, which reformats any WordPress blog (self-hosted or otherwise) into a touch-friendly interface when you visit the site using an iPad.

In two words: IT RAWKS.

I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. Everything is formatted perfectly, and it’s very inspired by the popular iPad app Flipboard. Below are screenshots of my site as viewed from the iPad. WordPress owners can download and install the Onswipe plugin straight from their control Dashboard or just get it from the makers.

When you surf to the blog, Onswipe pulls one of your latest images and makes it the front cover visual, and has a “swipe me” area, just like Flipboard. Unfortunately, it doesn’t cycle through different images, and you can’t really fix which image you want to be displayed.

Your blog entries are laid out neatly in a modular format, and images are displayed where possible. This encourages a blogger to use an image in every possible post, rather than just using plain text.

Each entry is re-rendered in a very clean manner, and you can choose your headline font from the WordPress Dashboard (on a PC). I didn’t see any formatting issues at all across different posts, they all look very neat and are easy to read.

And what is a modern blog without Facebook/Twitter/Email integration? Even if your site doesn’t offer it by default, Onswipe embeds social media sharing tools.

Onswipe is an amazing (and free for now) tool for bloggers. I’ve always been a bit upset that it’s not that easy to read this blog on a tablet, but this plug-in solves everything in one fell swoop.

4 Replies to “Onswipe transforms your WordPress blog for the iPad”

  1. Friends don’t let friends use OnSwipe. I hate OnSwipe. It takes something that works perfectly well (web sites viewed on Safari on iPad) and breaks it (crashes and a poorer viewing experience). The web doesn’t need to be transformed on the iPad.

  2. OnsWipe just sucks. It looks stupid and works poorly on an iPad (especially an iPad 1). This is yet another example of why websites should not optimize for mobile. Just leave the content as is, don’t try to get cute and “improve it”.

  3. Onswipe transforms your blog into a pile of steaming illegible crap. It layers ads over top of the text, which is halfway off the screen, but if you swipe over to read it, it pages over so you only see the portion that was cut off, and then most of the next page of text, which is also cut off. It’s an amazing idea. Unfortunately, it had been released in a non-working, pre-beta-quality format. If it doesn’t work on a new ipad with the most up-to-date iOS release, then they really need to rethink their business model.

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