Evening Photos With The XZ-1

I took the Olympus XZ-1 for a spin this evening after a long day at work. It’s two days before Chinese New Year and everyone’s doing their last minute shopping (except us, because we’re a low maintenance family!). I’m a bit lazy to caption the pictures but they’re self-explanatory.

For pixel peepers, all photos are taken below ISO 400, thanks to the nice and bright lens. Read the previous post for my quick review on the camera, and Gong Hei Fatt Choi to everyone who celebrates CNY!


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  1. Nice photos, Ian! Now, I really need prayer for this camera envy I am developing! Something like, “Lord, please keep June from coveting this totally awesome camera that you have blessed me and me alone with.” 🙂 😛

    PS: Your kids are ADORABLE! I have a boy and girl about the same age as yours. Plus, 4 children who are grown. Enjoy this time with them. And take lots of pictures. I wish I had more photos of my older children – of course, back then we had to buy film!

  2. A blessing in disguise perhaps? My previous compact Panny LZ8 was pickpocketed on Boxing day 2010, thus prompting the need for a capable replacement as I’m tearing my hair out with the SLOW as MOLASSES Auto Focus 5Mp shooter on the dreadful Nokia E72! Can’t blame my expectations when I’m so “pampered” with super fast focusing on my 5 fps Alpha dSLR which I still keep for telephoto model shots! Thanks to Malaysia’s Panasonic for their “arm-twisting” pricing antics, putting the local LX-5 pricing at the top of the altar, I’ve resisted the continuation of my loyalty due to this practice. Their HD movie limit doesn’t help either, when others are already on Full-HD! (LX5 is selling locally at US$630 vs a normal US$400). Thanks to CES last month that made me seal the deal with the fastest lens in the world for a compact! Once u have tasted f2.8 and below, there’s NO turning back! I’m eagerly waiting for the arrival of my White XZ-1. I’m happy I don’t need to pay 7% GST overhead over here in Malaysia!

  3. Hello Ian
    Is it true that Canon S95 gives better images than XZ1 in all situations except 1. telephoto in lowlight and 2. portraits (with a little background blur) ? Thanks in advance!

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