Darren’s Story Part III

A big congratulations to my old friend Darren who, with God’s help and his own indomitable spirit, has overcome his challenges in so many more ways than one. And the dude is going to be a father soon too!

From Channelnewsasia, 6th Jan 2011:

Eight young S’poreans honoured for contributions to community


SINGAPORE : Eight young people were honoured for their contributions to the community at a gala dinner on Wednesday night.

The Young Outstanding Singaporeans award celebrates future leaders who can be role models for the next generation.

44-year-old entrepreneur Elim Chew received the Special Commendation Award. Organisers said Miss Chew epitomised an emerging trend, where Singaporeans reach their prime after the 35-year mark.

The other recipients are aged between 22 and 34.

They were recognised for their work in various fields like education, the environment and social work.

One of them, 34-year-old Dr Darren Chua, beat all odds – including a severe stroke in 2000 – to attain a Masters in Science and become an educator.

“After one, two years, it slowly dawned on me that a career in medicine couldn’t be fulfilled, so (I) started to look elsewhere, on what other element that I could fulfill,” said Dr Chua, a recipient of the Young Singaporean Award.

“And at the end of the day, what I really want to do is to be of service to people. Initially it was medicine, and now I found it in education,’ he added.

It’s still hard to believe it’s been over ten years since that fateful day. Here are the previous entries on his long journey.

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