Happy 5th birthday to Empty Vessel

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Five years ago, I quit my violin lessons so I could spend more time with my kids and deal with the stress at work. That was about the time that I started this blog. Fast forward to today, I’m back at my violin (I just cleared my Grade 4 ABRSM exam yay!), and my kids are amazing little monkeys that no longer need me to bottle-feed them.

Ok, I know it sounds weird saying happy birthday to my own website, but only if you knew how many times this blog has been upgraded, made-over, and reached the point of being wiped out by the wrong press of a button. (Usually when upgrading its software innards.)

Geek talk aside, this site has also chronicled the last five years of my life, which has seen massive changes in my employment, my family and my skill set. I can browse back to some old posts and I do feel embarrassed.

Was I so cynical and bitter in my old job? Was I that narrow-minded and ungracious? We change all the time, and I thank God that my changes have been for the better. I thank my amazing colleagues and mentors at Microsoft for being the catalyst for those changes, and of course, my wife and kids for being patient with me all the time.

This site has also been impacted by the rise of Facebook, which is basically where I post most of my daily thoughts and comments and links.

Does that mean this blog is irrelevant? No, because I cannot post long articles (FB just makes it hard to read with its small fonts) nor put up the latest chapter of my Great Novel (which still hasn’t been completed after the initial spurt of writing a year ago).

And I’m still amazed by how I managed to spill out all my forgotten memories of Balestier Road (my old shophouse home) and basically recreate my youth on these pages. Empty Vessel has a way of extracting my deepest feelings in a way that Facebook cannot.

Nevertheless, new blog posts will still be posted automatically to Facebook, and comments on both platforms will appear together, thanks to the Wordbooker plug-in.

Anyway, the new version of this site features some spiffy Google Webfonts that are platform-agnostic (doesn’t seem to work on an iPad though), and a much cleaner layout. I’ve removed the old front page which gives a good overview of my site, mainly because I can’t figure out how to lay it out properly on this WordPress Twenty Ten theme.

Do tell me what you think of the new changes! Thanks for reading all these years!

4 Replies to “Happy 5th birthday to Empty Vessel”

  1. so glad that you are maintaining your blog… unlike me, had to stop bcos of work…

    Happy Birthday!!!

  2. Thanks Wai Kit, it’s tempting to stop updating the blog but there’s so much content here I have to keep at it. It’s also for my kids to remember me by when I’m gone.

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