Integrating Facebook and blogging

It’s obvious that with the phenomenal rise of Facebook, I’m blogging so much less now. And so are other blog owners. I update my FB page several times a day, and it’s just so easy to post links, photos and videos on it, versus doing it on a blog.

However, as I thought over this, I decided that there’s nothing like a blog, especially one that I’ve been maintaining regularly for five years and is the latest and most successful incarnation of a homepage that struggled to keep alive since 1997.

This is where I keep my main thoughts in full, rather than sporadic thought outbursts on Facebook. People shouldn’t underestimate the importance of writing down your thoughts in long paragraphs rather than short 140 character drizzles (eg. Twitter, which I personally think is a huge time-suck and useful for few things apart from live updates of important events).

Yet at the same time, my FB status updates also represent who I am too! My friends who have known me since primary school, will be instantly familiar with the type of status updates I put up, and we all enjoy knowing that deep inside, we haven’t really changed our personalities since our classroom days while everything else has changed or moved on. If you string FB status updates together for a particular person, you’ll see his mind laid out in a rather coherent manner, strange as it may sound.

So moving forward, I’ll try this – compile my key FB thoughts (ie. status updates) of the week here, and if time permist, some ramblings on things that need to be expounded further.

Hope it works out for my faithful blog readers who might feel that they have been abandoned in the past few months. Thanks for reading

Facebook thoughts of the week.

– Dear City Harvest folks, I don’t think Sun Ho is doing that well as a pop star to afford a $28k/mth Hollywood mansion. Do a search online for her lah, see who else besides you raving SG fans talk about her. In the words of Mr T….

– I am Votoms Scopedog

Ian Tan is enjoying using the Windows Classic (ie. Win 95) theme on Windows 7. So retro lah!

– Jesus said you cannot serve both God and Money together (Matt 6:24). Is that so difficult to understand, you so-called believers?


– Succumbing to nostalgia via hobby model kits – Macross Super Strike Valkyrie, VOTOMS Scopedog robot and Star Wars TIE Interceptor! Now where to find time to build all these babies?

Ian Tan and Jay Eom are salivating over Hasegawa and Bandai porn in the office. You know, hot naked plastic model kits of Macross and such.

– Gundam RX-78-2 construction…100% complete. Christened alongside a new Sparmax air compressor and double-action airgun.

– If you want professional results, plan like a professional.

Facebook video of the week

Isaac attempts to play a piano piece (Dixieland Jam) while Isabel provides an impromptu dance accompaniment. As usual, Isabel did not tell Isaac what she intended to do.