My Iron Man 2 toys

Iron Man makes a great toy franchise, largely because there are so many variants of the Iron Man armor, toy makers can churn out hundreds of different editions for years.

Now I’m not a hardcore collector due to the lack of space in my house, so I don’t buy any “fine art” grade of toys…I’m just happy to have commercial versions that you can find at Toys ‘R Us or mid-range versions at specialist stores like Simply Toys. Basically, I try not to spend above S$50 per toy lah, and I do share most of my toys with the kids.

With the Iron Man 2 movie, Hasbro has hit a home run with its commercial range of figurines that appeal more to adults than kids (IMO). I suspect they’re targeting parents rather than kids, since kids don’t really read Marvel comics these days.

Not only do the standard 3.75” toys (S$16.90 each) look great with nice detailing and colours, the 6” ones (War Machine and the Suitcase Armor Mark V) look outright awesome. There are bigger Hasbros but they aren’t really worth the money due to poor range of limb movements (ie. articulation)

The 6” War Machine is a Wal-Mart exclusive that costs about US$13, but because it’s not available here yet, I paid a premium of US$32 (S$45). But it’s the best Iron Man toy in the entire series right now. If you spot one, don’t think too hard, just grab it immediately.

The rest of the toys here are easily available at most kiddy toy shops. The Suitcase Armor is about S$30.