A filler post

I haven’t put up a new blog post for a month, thanks to a rather interesting increase in my office workload.

That happens once in a while and I’m quite used to it.

But I just wanted to pen down some general observations about people that I’ve been thinking about. Largely just to fill the empty air for this month 😀

– You can’t change a person’s personality.

Some of us are loudmouthed, some of us are reserved by nature. There’s no right or wrong character to be, and it’s really a combination of nature and nurture that makes us who we are.

But often, I see people who believe they can change someone else into a better person. Yes, that is possible until you seek to change the personality itself.

An unpassionate guy who does not take pride in his work will most likely remain that way no matter how people try to coach or mentor him. You can teach him to be more punctual, but you can’t teach him to be more passionate. Which brings me to another thought that passion cannot be taught or transferred, but are schools and companies trying to do that?

– Delusion is a comfort zone.

Sometimes we think “That guy is really living in his own world man! Why can’t he see reality?” I think we all say that sooner or later when perspectives don’t match. But what we don’t think about is – are some people more comfortable living in their own world?

Wait, why can’t we live in his delusion as well? What’s wrong with us anyway, always seeking to be so uncomfortable?

– Being respected is not everyone’s priority

That’s pretty self-explanatory I guess.