BAM! A new home for Sombre Jack

bam 01My new Bam! violin case in gorgeous metallic blue.

The first violin case that came with the purchase of Sombre Jack in 2001 was pretty compact and light, but had cheap plastic parts and really horrible, uncomfortable thin backstraps. That lasted for until this year when one of the violin instructors accidentally stepped on the case during the school concert and broke the clasp. Not a bad lifespan for a bundled casing lah (but it costs over $200 if you buy it separately!)

I then spent over $270 to get a more durable case that was made in Korea. It’s tough alright, but being a big rectangular block with many zips and straps, I got pretty fed up carrying it around town. It was just too bulky, despite providing top notch protection and having plenty of storage space.

So I put in a reservation for a Bam! Hightech Contoured (2002XL) case, which met all my criteria:

Super compact in a triangular form factor and easy to carry around.

Lightweight, at about 1.6kg, made of ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) material which is something like fibreglass.

Looks uber-cool, I mean, I’m really sick of carrying ugly, boxy looking violin cases, or seeing other people carry them. Most young students have no choice but to carry them, since their parents just want to save money and get the cheapest functional stuff. But hey, I’m an adult, I earn my own keep and if my violin doesn’t look good, I don’t look good. (Still working on the sound quality though!)

The Synwin guys told me that it’s hard to get enough stock from Bam, as their factory stock allocation can be both small and unpredictable. Or maybe because it’s a French sales tactic, since Bam hails from the land of romance and angry writers.

So when Synwin called me yesterday to say that a partial shipment had arrived, I ran down today to their Marina Square outlet.

Upon seeing the case, released in a gorgeous automobile blue hue I had never seen before (I thought it only came in black and silver), I had no qualms forking over S$770, or frigging double the cost of a usual case. Every component is of pretty high quality – even the strap clasps are hardcore carabiners with screw locks (it’s mountain climbing gear quality). I love the two locking clasps, because they are soft-touch yet very secure.

I quickly took pictures of the Bam case because it’s gonna get dented and scratched pretty soon, and I foresee many superhero or Doraemon stickers adorning it in the future. If you’re buying a violin/cello case, I think you’ll like a Bam!

bam 03

bam 04

bam 02

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  1. yep, it’s the one near the Nike store in Marina Square. Synwin and Gramercy are the two main violin retailers in SG. Gramercy just opened an outlet at the Esplanade across the road too.

  2. i come from indonesia, i really like this one,, but, its difficult to find like this one in my country :(,, if there is,, where i can find it.. thaks,, !!

  3. Thanks for posting this. I need a new case and I think I might get one like this! Looks really nice!

  4. Thanks for posting this. I need a new case and I think I might get one like this! Looks really nice!

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