2 Replies to “Storm clouds, 22 Jan 2010”

  1. I have always enjoyed the dark atmosphere before a storm. Well done to record the moment.

    I enjoy your site a lot – for the words and pictures. Would a person without expert knowlegde of building webpage produce a site like yours from reading a book? If can what book (should not need 6 months of intensive reading and understanding)?

  2. Hi Cheng Heng

    Thanks for visiting my site and liking the content 😀 Good news, you can always produce a site like this.

    I’m not a web programmer, so I have little knowledge about arcane stuff like HTML or CSS. Originally when I started this blog, I had to learn some basic codes to format it the right way.

    Today, WordPress (the free blogging software that this site is built upon) is very consumer-friendly and I don’t have to do any technical adjustments anymore. The Atahualpa theme that I use now is also very easy to use.

    All that you see here are laid out and created using free plug-ins and widgets. As long as you’re willing to invest some time to keep adjusting the layout and plug-ins to your liking, you’ll have a site you’ll be happy with.

    When I blog, I just use the free Windows Live Writer software – it works just like Microsoft Word and you type out the text, plonk in the photos/videos etc and then publish to your blog.

    For general blog design tips, please read this post: https://iantan.org/archives/1961

    If you need to know which specific plug-ins I use, please tell me and I might write a posting to list them out.

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