If you grew up in the 1980s in Singapore, you’d be very familiar with the Science Ninja Team Gatchaman cartoon series, otherwise known as Battle Of The Planets (in the US). It was shown about 6.30pm on weekdays on SBC 8 and dubbed totally in Mandarin so we ACJS boys couldn’t understand what the plot was all about. But we ALWAYS rushed home to catch what was left of the day’s episode.

Gatchaman figurines are quite hard to find, but I chanced upon this pair of Ken Washio and Joe Asakura at Bruce Toys at Queensway yesterday. Made by Taiyo, the set features solid painting and flowing capes, it’s something I’ve always dreamt of owning (Ok, I’d prefer to have the female Jun instead of Joe).

There was nice, warm sunlight coming in this morning as I unboxed the Gatchaman duo, so I decided to do some portraits. As usual, I used the EOS 5D with my 100mm f2.8 macro lens to get the job done.