Bishan Skies, now a Windows 7 theme pack (Updated)

Bishan Sky 1 Bishan Sky 2 Bishan Sky 3 Bishan Sky 4 Bishan Sky 5 Bishan Sky 6 Bishan Sky 7 Bishan Sky 8 Bishan Sky 9 Bishan Sky 10

Updated 28 Jan 2010 with three new images

Some time ago, my friend Sanjay asked if he could use some of the dawn photos I took from my home living window for his Windows wallpaper. I kept forgetting about it but I’ve finally compiled them into a Windows 7 themepack, made from 7 of my favorite images.

If you’re using Windows 7, just download the file below and double-click it, it’ll automatically become your Windows 7 desktop wallpaper. In Win 7, you can choose how often you want to shuffle the images and even choose which images you want to display.

If you are using earlier versions of Windows, just click on the images above to download each image separately. They’re in 1920 by 1200 pixel resolution, so will fit on 24” screens or smaller easily 😀