Life is simple, really.

Haven’t had much time to blog due to extreme work commitments over the past few weeks. Came down with stomach flu too on Tuesday, which I had to expel from my system with prayer, willpower and lots of Glucolin. And thank God I was up and running by Wed, a minor miracle in itself.

Just a thought for the day which I didn’t cut/paste from somewhere else.

Life is actually very simple. I’ve observed that it gets complicated when people think that the universe revolves around them and try to fit the pieces of the puzzle together from their own perspective. Unfortunately, they’ll find that the pieces they have don’t really fit together, because they don’t see the bigger picture nor do they realize that the pieces aren’t meant to fit neatly next to each other.

Now when I tell people that I lead a simple and contented life, some don’t really believe me. The answer, cannot be that simple, they argue. But I sleep easy every night (except before major work events, of course), because life is simple, really. Thank God for that.