My new Diamond 2 with Botticelli’s Venus

Sandro Botticelli's The Birth Of Venus. My favorite wallpaper so far thanks to its gorgeous use of colors and of course, Ms Venus herself.

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I’ve always been a big fan of customizing my phone and gadgets, be it a Nokia or an iPod.

After getting my new Touch Diamond 2 a few days ago (for virtually free, as I used a dormant voucher from M1 and recontracted at the same time), I mucked around with the embedded HTC Touchflo interface and found much to dislike about it. It’s slick, but it’s stupid – whenever the screen goes into sleep mode and you switch on the screen again, it jumps back to the home screen. So if you were typing an email or surfing the net and got interrupted by someone, you’d have to find your way back to what you were originally doing and that’s really non-intuitive. Also, the TouchFlo interface is just black and white in color scheme – how boring can you get?

I disabled it and installed Spb’s Mobile Shell 3.0 instead and WOW…a world of difference. Instead of having to find a wallpaper to suit your phone screen layout, now you change the phone layout and icons to fit the wallpaper! I’ve been dreaming of having such a phone theme for a long time, but it was never possible with Nokia phones and previous renditions of Windows Mobile. Now I’m proud to say my phone is a true work of art, especially with Sandro Botticelli’s The Birth Of Venus adorning the main screen.

See the full album for some of my other favorite themes, including Iron Man and Caravaggio.