Some recent ramblings on Facebook

Here are some daily thoughts I’ve posted on Facebook recently, for those interested to know what’s been going on in my mind since I haven’t been updating this blog as regularly as I should have.


Ian Tan shakes his fist at the morning thunderstorm that thwarted his morning run. I smell a conspiracy here to keep me fat.

Ian Tan is in the MRT again and wondering why is it always ugly people who shove you around? Why don’t pretty girls push me to the side or prod me rudely as they try to rush out through the doors? I wa-wa-wa-wa-wonder why?

Ian Tan wonders if people with BO know they have BO. Had to move away from a smelly guy in the train because he was really icky tangy.

Ian Tan realized Emma Frost was in the Wolvie Movie…that’s the girl who had diamond hard skin and no telepathic powers. Wah lau, talk about messing with the Marvel canon!

Ian Tan is boycotting the drinks at OMB’s Wang Cafe. $1.60 for hot Milo…$2.50 for ice Milo! The cashier explained that the ice milo had an additional scoop of Milo. NINETY CENTS FOR ICE AND ONE EXTRA MILO SCOOP?!? Hello, can spell R.E.C.E.S.S.I.O.N.?

Ian Tan is amused how every Sunday night now is a tussle between shooting night lightning pictures, practising violin before Monday’s lesson, entertaining the kids and getting some serious play time on the Xbox 360.

Ian Tan rented Ong Bak 2, was totally enjoying the ridiculously well-choreographed fighting sequences and then the movie just ended abruptly on a cliffhanger because according to Wikipedia, the crew ran out of budget. What The…?!?

Ian Tan is glad Josie and her Pussycats have finally resigned after incredible resistance so WE MEN CAN STOP READING ABOUT CRAZY FEMINISTS IN THE PRESS. And I hope Josie and her mentor don’t go thinking they got persecuted for their "faith", because it was just plain common sense things woudl end this way.

Ian Tan says there are few pleasures in life like a good bowl of Tiong Bahru lor mee with heaps of vinegar and garlic and a dose of spicy sambal chilli. Topped with ice kachang and a steal of roasted char siew from the kids’ plates.

Ian Tan gets dismayed when he sees people praising mediocre food. Just heard a lady at whampoa market saying how nice the carrot cake stall is…lady, that guy doesn’t even know how to control the fire or flip the radish when its gonna chow tar!!! Standards are dropping.