Mee Pok, the love of my life

This was originally posted by me on my old 1999 homepage. Am currently archiving what I can find online before it all disappears.


All of you must be thinking I’ve gone bonkers right?

The Facts

Mee Pok is Singapore’s foremost in culinary achievement. The penultimate in cookery skills. Fast to cook, good to eat. Oooooh. Can you smell it?

Dunno, I just eat the stuff man. Perhaps an offshoot of the grub that our coolie forefathers used to gobble down.

Q & A

What the hell is mee pok? (Pronounced "me poke")

A Singaporean noodle, with a fat diameter, approximately 0.8cm in width and 0.1cm in thickness. Usually yellow in color. Looks best floating in a bowl of red chilli oil. Served in several different styles. Sold islandwide. Originated from some wiseguy in China I think.

What are the different types of mee pok?

There is the Fishball mee pok, which is just mee pok with approximately 8 fishballs. Any less and you are being taken for a ride. There is the lovely Teochew mee pok, which is the ultimate in good taste. Loads of vinegar with minced meat and some fishballs, demand for mushrooms if you don’t get them. If you go to the really good ones, you will find meatballs and dumplings as well. Then there is Maggi mee pok….for really desperate times.

How should mee pok be consumed?

With gusto! You should be sweating heartily after downing a bowl of mee pok. There should be plenty of chilli and vinegar, especially for Teochew food lovers out there. Best eaten with chopsticks and not forks. Of course, no hands please.

How much should a bowl of mee pok cost?

Normal, low class ones go for two bucks minimum. The better ones range from $3 to $5. The Marina stall takes the cake as the ceiling goes to $6! But nevertheless, it is totally worth your dough. However, be warned, expensive doesn’t always mean good…yeah, like you Singaporeans wouldn’t know that.

What is the secret behind mee pok?

Vinegar and chilli. Also, never tar pau (pack) mee pok back, it must be eaten immediately or the thick mee will soak up the juices that make it such an experience.

Why eat mee pok?

For good health! Just take a look at me, hale and hearty thanks to years of mee pok consumption! Mee pok is high in carbohydrates and sometimes protein depending on how much minced meat they give you. Fishball is brain food right? The benefits far outweigh the cons.

What cons?

Lar Pok! Pure fat solidified into small bits that add lard and flavor to the experience.

How long have I been eating mee pok?

Maybe 15 years or more? I can’t remember….

What is your ambition?

To make money, possibly set up a mee pok stall yah? Who wants to earn big money just come and join my cannot lose enterprise!