Mockups of Ah Beng car decals

If you aren’t on Facebook, you haven’t been seeing the Photoshop mockups I’ve been doing of possible decals on my new black Altis. Most of my FB friends think I’m crazy, but hey, am just having fun with vectors and pixels.

A lot of car drivers out there go slap decals on their car without doing a visual trial, and their car usually ends up looking like crap.

Thankfully, I know photography, Photoshop and Illustrator so I can do my own mockups, thank you! Currently, I’m fixated on doing a red decal so it’ll go with my red-trim rims. I even went out to buy some royalty-free artwork books today so I can source for new Asian patterns and animal motifs for this initiative.

Do tell me which is your fave design of the current lot. I can take any criticism haha!


chinese dragon mockup b

Ah-long Dragon on front bonnet! Will sure goad people into scratching the poor car immediately…


dragon A mockup v2

A Chinese dragon that looks a bit Celtic? 


gatcha car mockup 1

Gatchaman! But man, too much red in this. Looks too much like a Power Ranger vehicle…. 


gatcha car mockup 1a

…so I created another one with less red elements. But now hard to see the character at all from a distance.


tsunami mockup b

A more classy decal – Japanese tsunami!

8 Replies to “Mockups of Ah Beng car decals”

  1. Hey Ian, I like the last 2. The dragon one looks like a chinatown gangster’s car, haha. You’re really going to drive around with the decal?

  2. How about the red lion head that appears on the side of RSAF jets/plastic bags from the wet market?

  3. Ya am trying to get the Ah Long vibe haha! So far haven’t found a decal design that I liked. Might never get this done at the end of the day.

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