My Japanese Blog

This is something I never thought of trying before – what would my blog look like if I wrote in Japanese? After all I’ve always wanted it to look like a Japanese website!

Click here to see!

blog in jap

It’s generated using the cool Windows Live translator engine that is integrated into the new Internet Explorer 8. The translation engine is VERY fast, though of course, I don’t know how accurate the translation is. The literal translation of Empty Vessel is “Empty Boat” in this case…which isn’t that far off lah. The Chinese translation doesn’t read very well though – I guess translation engines still have some way to go before they understand grammar context.

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  1. Interesting that you used your LX3 post in the screengrab. Now your site looks like one of those dedicated LX3 sites or LX3 magazines you see in Japan. Those guys are mental! Every time a new product comes out, there are mags and sites chock full of content dedicated to that one product!

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