On passion

Is passion something people are born with or something that they pick up or lose over time?

This is the question that has bugged me for the longest time (not that it really matters in the daily scheme of things) and is something everyone should think about if they have the time.

Some thoughts on passion…

I look at my two kids and they’re bursting with passion. Everything they do, they do it to the extreme. Be it playing, fighting or just arguing with each other. Other kids aren’t as crazy as Isaac and Isabel, but it doesn’t mean that they are robots, or perhaps I just don’t see them in their home element.

So if kids are passionate beings, it’s only logical to assume that people lose their passion for things as they grow up right? What makes them become colorless creatures?

I look at myself – everyone knows I’m a pretty passionate guy with my work and my hobbies. But how did I become like this? I can’t place a point in time when I decided that I would put my heart to things and do it till I get it really right.

For example, when I was young and learning how to draw, I would go on for hours and not stop because I just wanted to make my drawings better. A lot of A4 paper went into the basket.

It’s within my personality to be a perfectionist, but does perfectionism equate to passion? I’m sure that many passionate people are able to let go and not get too caught up with the details.

So common sense says that not all perfectionists are passionate people…perhaps some are just anal. Perhaps I am guilty of that to.

And why is it that when I take the MRT in the morning, I see so many people who are standing their, holding the railing and so disinterested in anything? These people obviously don’t love the job that they are doing.

But I also know many people who don’t hate their jobs either – they’re just doing it because they want to keep earning a living and they don’t wish to rock the boat. When they do their jobs, it’s merely to get things done with minimum effort.

The one thing they look forward to every day is the 6pm check point where they can quickly pack their bags and rush to the trains. (Personally I don’t look forward to 6pm because I usually haven’t finished the work I had to do by then.)

How did these people lose their passion and zeal for their lives, their work and their daily actions? Was it a matter of choice?

Or is it just the nature of things that the majority of people must end up being blase about their jobs? See, another thing I believe is that the Bell Curve is a realistic breakdown of any demographic.

A small minority will be leaders/innovators, the small minority on the other end of the scale will be the losers and the vast majority remain as average as they could hope for and be the followers to make up the masses.

Here’s an interesting question – what if everyone was as passionate as I hoped they could be? Would the Bell Curve still exist? Everyone would try to outdo each other – not competitively, but being the best they could be within their capabilities – and the Bell Curve would flatten out (but not totally because everyone is born with different scales of abilities).

I have no answers…just more questions.

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