Hope prevails


For a moment today as the polls were being counted, I wondered what if America did the oddest thing and voted McCain instead of Obama.

Thankfully, reason prevailed. For all the criticism leveled at the country in the past eight years, its people showed that they knew what they were doing. I knew Obama would win from the moment he was nominated. This man is on a divine path – never has the world seen a candidate so blessed with abilities most people can only dream about. He’s not perfect, but he’s seen and learnt alot, and he has the passion not to repeat the foolishness of his predecessors.

But since I don’t get to vote (either in USA or even Singapore for that matter), I think it’s best to leave you with Roger Ebert (one of my fave authors) and his latest blog post on Obama’s win.


As the mighty tide swept the land on Tuesday night, I was transfixed. As the pundits pondered red states and blue states, projections and exit polls, I was swept with emotion. Not because America was "electing its first Black president." That comes a little late in the day. It was because America was electing the right President.

I do wonder if Obama’s win will finally get me off the Homeland Security blacklist.