I’m a Bluetracker on Razor TV

BlueTrack technology launch where I had to yak a lot.

While I’m too embarrassed to ever post the incoherent Manglish interview I did with a Chinese TV channel last Xmas, I’m more than happy to be speaking my native English on Razor TV. Here I am at the Singapore launch of our latest Microsoft Hardware products – BlueTrack mice, Arc mouse, SideWinder X6 keyboard and LifeCam Show. Check out www.mshardwareguide.com for info on all these cool products dey.

I spend most of the video showing how BlueTrack works ;D

Thanks Daryl and Bryan from SPH’s Razor TV!

PS: It’s always strange to see myself on video. I’m more used to being behind the camera or the writing pad. And I still think I sound a bit odd.

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