You make me feel like dancing

Leo Sayer is one of the great music icons of the 70s’. But before you read further, check out one of his “live” (mostly lip-synched) performances on TV then….

And I was stunned to find that The Wiggles did a modern mix with Leo too, complete with Greek overtones. But it’s one of the best Wiggles videos I’ve seen since Top of The Tots. I don’t buy their DVDs anymore since Greg left the team, but I might just buy this particular DVD (haven’t found out which title it is though)

3 Replies to “You make me feel like dancing”

  1. Yo Germaine, your turn will come, trust me on this. By then, the Wiggles would have retired but I’m sure that annoying Barney would still be around to haunt your waking hours!

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