The little things that irk me

Life would be a lot better if the following things didn’t exist

Oversensitive Toilet Flushes

Generic toilet sensor. Abuse of such technology can get one into a seriously wet situation.

In this set of toilets that I use frequently, it’s incredibly frustrating to take a crap in the men’s toilet. No matter what you do, the toilet will attempt to flush the minute you sit down. I keep telling myself to bring a piece of duct tape to cover up the infra-red sensor each time nature calls, but seriously, that’s the last thing on one’s mind. One has to sit at a certain position, try not to lean too far forward or backward or risk activating the doomsday switch.

Yeah, this is pretty gross to blog about, but it’s still a big bugbear.

Dear toilet makers, public toilets are meant to wash undesirable stuff down the pipe, not wash your arse. (Arse-washing bidets are a whole different story though).

Lousy female non-super co-stars in superhero movies

These women have dragged great superhero movies down with them when they played human (ie. non mutant) love interests.

Kirsten Dunst looked progressively more haggard in each Spider-Man sequel, but she was the wrong choice to begin with. If you read any of the comics, you’d know that Mary Jane Watson was one spunky, daredevil kinda girlfriend, ready to sweep her Tiger off his feet. Kirsten brought her sian (tired) look that she’s used ever since Interview With The Vampire and didn’t really have much chemistry with Tobey McGuire. Even Bryce Dallas Howard as Gwen Stacy – a totally weird casting – was 10X more fun to watch.

Christian Bale and Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes was simply AWFUL in Batman Begins. What’s a spoilt-looking brat like her doing in a Dark Knight film? The whole film could have tanked due to her very presence, if not for the fact that Christian Bale made a near-perfect Bruce Wayne and other stars like Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine and Gary Oldman helped push the film to legendary status. Actually, Maggie Gyllenhaal wasn’t that much better, but anything but the wooden, annoying Holmes.

But the worst female lead in recent times goes to….

Kate Bosworth, the worst thing to happen to the Superman franchise since Christopher Reeve got disabled. The Superman Returns movie script itself wasn’t perfect, a retelling of the original Superman movie with fancier effects and a poor attempt to make Superman Christ-like.

But Superman needs a good foil in the form of Lois Lane, and Bosworth simply couldn’t even hold her cigarette with style. C’mon, does this scrawny girl look like she’s a top reporter? The original Lois, Margot Kidder, was funny, sexy, rough around the edges and oozed street journo style too.

So who have been good superhero female leads? Gwyneth Paltrow was pretty good (and surprisingly mature) in Iron Man, Jennifer Connelly in the much maligned Hulk, and Kim Basinger in Tim Burton’s Batman. In a superhero movie, you need female leads who exude more humanity than anyone, just to balance off the special effects.

And back to the original topic…

Shops which don’t let you try on clothes.

I was pretty galled when this shop at Bugis Junction today refused to let me try on a Flash polo shirt just because it was on sale.

Hullo, aren’t you trying to get rid of the stock by putting it on sale? So annoying. I threw the clothes back into the bargain bin and walked off in a huff. So much for trying to entice customers to buy.