Bringing back the late 1990s with iTunes

Was testing out the new Genius function today in iTunes, and man, it’s a really good way of digging up old retro hits to complete my collection.

Some songs I bought in the past hour.

1. Just another sad love song – Toni Braxton (1997)


One of her early hits before she stereotyped herself, this is pure vintage Babyface (along with the customised whoops). Reminds me of the long bus trips to school during ACJC days, and whimisical discussions with the boys at the void deck.

2. Together Again – Janet Jackson (1997)


This was probably the peak of Janet’s career (well, because I didn’t buy any of her songs after this album Velvet Rope). Great use of bass guitar to open the song, and for once, she sounds pretty coherent. Brings back memories of the long walk to Khatib camp, or MRT rides to NTU.

3. Crush – Jennifer Paige (1998)


She was this Chinese-looking ang moh chick with a great one-hit-wonder song. Apparently, she’s still performing.