Rose McGowan is Red Sonja?


red sonja 2 

Man, I sure didn’t see this coming.

Of all the women in the world to play Conan’s female counterpart Red Sonja, I sure didn’t expect Rose McGowan to be casted. Well, that’s because she’s a muse of Robert Rodriguez, who’s producing this movie. Ok, make that girlfriend.

While she may have the bosom to carry this off, I’m not sure if she has the alpha-female look that will strike fear into hearts of everyone in Hyperborea.

Some things you can be sure of….

1. It’ll look a bit like 300 and Sin City put together – you know, high contrast computer visuals married with live actors to make for a Frank Miller comic-book look.

2. Conan will probably make an appearance, although nothing has been confirmed yet. C’mon, you can’t have one without the other. However, Arnie shouldn’t reprise the role as he’s really too old.

3. Roy Thomas, who helped create the character, will probably have some say in the script, just like he did in the Arnie Conan movies. I recently bought Savage Sword of Conan volume 3 and I must say his writing really improved over the issues.