Li Yapeng – you go man!!!!

li yapeng

I shouldn’t be advocating violence, but this stupid photog really deserves getting throttled by Li Yapeng for trying to sneak pictures of the family and their baby in Bangkok.

I did a few paparazzi assignments in my time and hated it totally – people’s privacy and family are sacred things. How would you like it if someone kept trying to take photos of you yawning in public?

For that, Li Yapeng wins my Righteous Paternal Anger Award. 

And Faye’s still my fave Chinese singer!

2 Replies to “Li Yapeng – you go man!!!!”

  1. Oh… so the guy is Li Yapeng.. I saw the photo in the Chinese papers I think.. and the headlines was sthg about “U can take photos of me but leave my child alone” and I was wondering who was that guy. Hahahahahaha. The papers closed b4 I could read further. (Saw it off someone’s papers on the MRT :P)

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