Weird lor.

Saw some odd stuff recently….

1. People trying to give out flyers in the Raffles Place underpass at 830am when everyone is just rushing to get to work. Later in the afternoon, I saw people trying to conduct money-sucking timeshare surveys there.

Seriously, the best time to give out flyers and to do such surveys is during non-peak hours at areas where people are standing still. Common sense not to approach obviously busy people right? Sheesh. Sometimes I wonder if these guys know what they’re doing. For the record, I carried out surveys when I was a uni student and I knew better then.

2. MC who keeps talking about himself at his friend’s wedding.

By the middle of the wedding dinner, this chap had bemoaned the fact that he was still unattached for the 5th time. It was pretty obvious why, because this guy just couldn’t stop talking (too much even for an MC) and his jokes were mostly unfunny. At one point, as a filler, he even went up to one female guest and asked if he deserved a shot at being her boyfriend. The wedding was nearly perfect with great food, but the MC was the low note of the night. 

3. LKY says…

From AFP:

The Singapore opposition would ruin the wealthy city-state’s achievements in five years if they ever gained power, the country’s founding father Lee Kuan Yew said.

Lee, 84, warned Singapore voters against putting the opposition at the helm of government “in a moment of fickleness or just sheer madness” when they get “bored” at some point in the future.

Should this happen, “I think all bets are off because in five years they (opposition) can ruin this place,” he told delegates at an international forum late Wednesday.

Frankly, MM should give Singaporeans a bit more credit than that. We may not be the brightest lot around, but we’re not that dim either. Citizens do not vote in the opposition because they’re “bored”, but because they are upset/angry/frustrated/etc. The government also goes to great lengths to ensure it continues to dominate the scene, for better or for worse. I’ve repeated many times that I’ve been unable to vote due to walkovers in the Bishan estate by the PAP.

What I fear is that in the next five years, Singaporeans will just become more insular, more close-minded, less creative (ironically), more kiasu and worse of all, ever less gracious, thanks to the way this country operates. Those who can leave, will leave, and those left behind may just get angrier without truly understanding why. No number of scholars in the Gahmen will be able to fix that.