The pinnacle of PC graphics (for now)


Any PC geek who looks at the picture above will find it very hard not to salivate.

Three of the latest GTX 280 graphics cards from Nvidia running together and taking up waay too much space on the motherboard. You’ll need an extra large casing to contain and cool these setup, and you’ve gotta be prepared to fork out a lot more for your monthly power bills, but dammit, this is the future lor.

As in, in five years time, such processing power (probably about 4-5 times of what I currently use – the now totally obsolete 9800GTX) will be available on a single-slot graphics card and run quite a fair bit cooler and more efficiently.

I just hope that PC gaming in 2013 is better than it is today. I do miss the days when we would seriously upgrade our PCs just to play Quake 1 or Strike Commander. These days, there’s very little incentive on the gaming side to upgrade your PC regularly – I only do so because I want to drive Photoshop and Illustrator at their highest speeds possible.

Now this is the one reason why I still haven’t gone over to the Mac side – sheer computing pleasure at prices one can afford. (However, the triple SLI setup above will probably cost SGD$4k just for the cards and motherboard alone! And you’ll probably need a 1000W power supply, triple of what most people use today.)

Mmmmm, geek talk.

Update: Apparently, the triple card setup is pretty disappointing compared to using just two cards. Not worth the investment, nor the two (yes!) power supplies required. See the review here. Oh well, two cards will still blow the socks off any game.

4 Replies to “The pinnacle of PC graphics (for now)”

  1. Haha the saddest part of all is that the card costs as much as a brand new PC.

    Yes, I agree with you that games nowadays are not as addictive and engaging as they used to be. Somehow game developers have put too much emphasis on aesthetics and neglected the gameplay aspect. Sometimes I find myself digging up old games like Final Fantasy 7, Xenogears, Star Craft, CS etc to occupy my time.

    And what happened to RPGs! I miss RPGs ;_;

  2. Hi Bitbot, I’d shamelessly tell you now to play RPGs on consoles like the Xbox 360 😀

    But really, there’s some cool JRPGs like Tales Of Vesperia and Infinite Undiscovery coming to the 360 in coming months.

  3. Bro,
    If I had that many hot toasts, sorry, graphics cards, in my PC, assuming my PSU can do it, I think I might end up warming up the entire room!

    I know there are hardcore fellas doing tri-SLI (I did SLI once too), but really graphics card makers need to start making cooler chips.

    It’s possible, if you ask AMD and Intel, which famously pushed up megahertz count without thinking of the heat n power involved… I think AMD/ATI and Nvidia need to do more (even though there have been some improvements).

    Otherwise, we’ll forever have ridiculously hot rigs – literally hot, that is!

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