Architectural dreams

Over a year ago, I wanted to do a tech story on SketchUp, this cool freeware from Google that allows anyone to do instant 3D objects. Largely for Google Earth, but I’ve seen people use it for other realworld applications as well.

Never got to writing that story, but today, I suddenly remembered the software exists and downloaded it again. To my pleasant surprise, it’s been upgraded quite a bit and is a bit more intuitive to use.

Just for the fun of it, I designed my own little building with circular arcs as the main theme. Perhaps, just perhaps one day, I could build this little sucker 😀

circular architecture


Then I went a bit further to create something on a larger scale. Perhaps this can be a uni faculty building har har.

2nd building


Note: These two visuals were done in under 15 min flat each. I guess it helps to have some 3d software background (I learnt a bit for my house reno 5 yrs ago), but it goes to show the sheer power and ease-of-use of the software. Best of all, it’s free. I just wonder if I should let Isaac play with this – he’s really good with the PC but he needs more practice with real Play-Doh and Lego bricks before I let him leapfrog to this. It’s all about getting the basics right!

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