Oh Indy…

Does the world need another opinion on Indiana Jones 4?

Definitely not, but I’m still gonna write this anyway.

Indy 4 was a nice trip down memory lane, but was totally unnecessary. Here’s 4 reasons why (yes, spoilers ahead):

  1. Harrison Ford is way too old. C’mon, he was still hunky at 50, but right now, he’s looking REALLY retired. Not for once did his punches look convincing, unlike those in previous episodes. One just cannot believe this haggard-looking man can do even 1/10 of those stunts.
  2. Shia LeBeouf, the boy with the unpronounceable surname, is a mystery to me. Why was he in Transformers? And why is he here? He’s just a fast-talking kid. I don’t see the X-factor in him at all. And he’s sure no Indy or even River Phoenix.
  3. Flying Saucers? Aliens? Area 51? You’ve got to be kidding me, this is the lousiest artefact ever to find. Fox Mulder found all these in 1995 dudes.
  4. Cate Blanchett’s death scene is the silliest ever for an Indy villain. Why would knowing too much cause her eyes to burn up? And it was never explored whether she was really a psychic or not.

Still, me and Goy paid $18 to watch the movie. We enjoyed ourselves, seriously, the movie does have its moments but after a few days, I thought to myself : “Damned, they should have stopped at The Last Crusade”.

Movie rating: 7 upon 10.

Verdict: Fun to watch, but really, 1989 was a vintage year for Indy already.

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