Xbox 360 turns 2

It just seemed like yesterday when I was still a tech journo, all excited as I was invited to the Microsoft office in late 2005 to check out the new Xbox 360.

Tony Boatman and gang put on a fine presentation then, but at that time, anything that was a next-gen console was enough to knock one’s socks off. Who cared if Perfect Dark Zero was a boring FPS shooter? Hot-damned, it looked so sweet on the then-state-of-the-art 26" Samsung HDTV. PGR3 was unbelievable too. What was truly impressive was that Singapore would be getting the Xbox 360 just five months after the US launch, not several years like the original Xbox.

Fast forward to today, and hey, I’m actually part of the Xbox 360 team and plugged into the gaming industry like never before. The console has aged well by any standard, and the lineup of games today, both at retail and Xbox LIVE is just incredible. I could go on, but hey, you know I’ve always been a big fan anyway.

The past two weeks has been pretty busy for Xbox biz, and we held small events here and there to celebrate the 2nd anniversary. Last Thur night, we tried something different with our community outreach, and invited a few members of the online community to our fave event place The Screening Room to chill out and get a taste of some really cool upcoming games.

Now what I didn’t expect was that LucasArts would bring along Star Wars: Force Unleashed to the party! That one real-time demo with cool Force powers and Digital Molecular Matter physics tech probably made everything else pale in significance (except our demo of Ninja Gaiden 2 and its…well, bloody good gameplay). It was also great that partners like Atari, EA, and LucasArts could drop in and provide some support. Rockstar even sent some huge posters (Lollipop Gal, yeah!), limited ed T-shirts, and loads of coasters.


Force Unleashed (4)

Star Wars Force Unleashed – uber cool lah.

Anyway, here are some pictures from that night, which have already been posted by some of the other bloggers like Sheylara, Princessa, Jerrick and others who were there that night.


Farinelli, moi and Sheylara


Nicholas Khoo and Eunice jamming away at GH3.


Group pix with our mini Xbox 360 cakes (below) 😀