Here’s what I think….

…of the Gahmen’s perfectly rational explanation of how Mas Selamat escaped and how the top guys should not be blamed.


Everybody makes mistakes, but seriously, you can’t rule a country with logic alone. What was said in Parliament is the latest example of the Affective Divide. This is what happens when the Gahmen is smart at moving minds, but not able to move hearts. Or at least mine.

No, I don’t think anyone should be sacked, but another humble "sorry" would do.

What is also not mentioned, which people should be held culpable for, is the extreme loss of productivity and man hours at the Causeway checkpoint. NS guys bo pa keh lah, since they have to do whatever is asked of them, but civilians really had to suffer when the dude has several other ways of escaping the country save the most obvious route.

Now for accountability, I’d like to see ministers or high-level civil servants being held accountable for some really critical stuff like:

– The inability of the public transport system to cater to a growing population (20 min wait for my 57 bus during peak hours is a fine example).

– The ever-complicated education system which still doesn’t teach less and get students to learn more.

– The loss of dialects in Singapore and the senseless continuation of long obsolete campaigns to Speak Good English and Mandarin here. For goodness sake, most people can’t speak either one well, so why even bother?

– The loss of really iconic buildings like The National Library. I mean, why not redevelop really run-down areas like Lavender instead? Where’s my heritage? Where’s my Singapore? I could leave Singapore today and not feel any pangs of longing save for my bak chor mee.

I read a recent article on why most Singapores prefer to whine rather than complain to the powers that be. It quite misses the point.

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