Random thoughts part XVIII

Just to remind everyone the blog is not dead (it’s been pretty busy at work), here are some random thoughts to think about:

1. The real cost of an escapee

Heads should really roll for letting the JI guy escape from the detention centre.

Not so much because of the potential acts this dude can commit (look, he isn’t the only chap around the region who can organise something insidious), but the sheer loss in productivity due to traffic jams, the massive deployment of clueless NS folks to comb forests, the cost in distribution of posters, the incessant media coverage with some really bewildering stories and forum letters, time spent by people asking : “How could this happen?” and so on and so forth. It was also an embarrassing exposure of the inadequate security systems in place. I seriously doubt the guy is still in town.

2. The nation’s lack of self-esteem

Today I read the papers and saw that once again, we’ve gotten some accolade for being on top yet again – “Least corrupt country”. I do see the point in highlighting these to boost investor confidence but I do wish the content could be presented in a less self-congratulatory way. We are number one in so many things but are we a happy and contented lot? I often only see materialistic and self-centred people who believe that being number one at what they do is all that matters. Well, it’s not. Why don’t we see more stories on how we can improve in certain areas – “Singapore tops with poor cultural literacy”, “Singaporeans haven’t learnt how to give way in trains”, “Singaporeans best at squatting on toilet seat covers” or “Singaporeans tops at speaking English badly…and Mandarin too!”

If we really want to be number one at every #@@ thing, we should be confident to talk about our sheer deficiencies.

2 Replies to “Random thoughts part XVIII”

  1. Don’t you know that Singapore is run like a business organisation and they pecked their Ministers salary to those of CEOs in the private sector?

    As a business organisation, it is only interested in its profits at the end of each year and each “CEO” is only interested in his own salary, bonuses and continued stay in his advantageous and favourable position?

    As a business organisation, it is also interested to advertise itself widely and one-sidedly to promote its own image and standing to its customers in the business world? And who are its customers? They are none other than the rich investors, corporate and individuals alike?

    As a business organisation, it will seize and exploit each and every opportunity (whether favourable or unfavourable) to its fullest advantage, irrespective of what common folks might think or say?

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