Digital Life Gaming Get-Together

The folks at Digital Life (The Straits Times’ tech supplement) cooked up an idea to get some of their readers together for a casual gaming session and we got it going within three weeks.

We organised it on top of our existing Xbox 360 Family Fun event at United Square this weekend and everyone had a good time jamming at Guitar Hero III, prancing on Dance Dance Revolution Universe 2 and of course, racing each other at Viva Pinata Party Animals. Most of the time, people know our Xbox for the Halo 3, PGR and other action franchises, but I can tell you some of the really great games are those like Puzzle Fighter, Rez HD and other pretty trippy family games.


dl gett 1

The crowd at the United Square atrium.

   dl gett 2

Of course, GH3 was the most popular game of the day.

dl gett 3

Happy Halo 3 Legendary set winners.


dl gett 4

From left : Irene Tham, Stephanie Gwee and Oo Gin Lee from Digital Life.

isaac and 3 girls

Isaac is the happiest guy of the day, surrounded by Yuen-C, Steph and Irene.

6 Replies to “Digital Life Gaming Get-Together”

  1. Yo Ian,

    thank you for your great help in making the Digital Life Gaming Get-together happen.

    Pity we didn’t get to do the Guitar Heroes III showdown, but then again, I’m not one for pulling strings.

    I knew the event was going to be a winner, because it was a….Sherwin event.

    It was a real blast working with you, and we should really do it again soon : )

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