Cellulite Dawn

dawn 190208 widescreen

I’m very blessed to live on the 15th floor of a Bishan flat.

The view isn’t as fantastic as say, East Coast apartments, but I do get to see pretty cool dawn visuals. That’s great, because as I said before, I’m a really lazy photog and can’t be bothered to hang around waiting for a pretty scene to turn up. I was ironing my working shirt this morning when I saw this scene. Don’t you think the clouds look a bit like cellulite?

Anyway, I thought this image is desktop wallpaper-worthy, so please click on the above for the widescreen version (1900×1600 pixels for my 24" Dell, but will fit neatly on any widescreen).

For people using non-widescreen monitors, you can download the wallpaper here.

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