A side effect of aging…

…is that I’m not so crazy about getting the absolute bang in technology components anymore. As in I still love tech, but work and family demands I spend less time fooling around with PC components now. The evidence?

1. I’m actually less into my own desktop PC these days. For the things I do at home with a computer these days (ie. Facebook and blogging), I don’t need all the firepower of the Nvidia 8800GTX. But I’m still happy with it because it runs the occasional hardcore game like Crysis and all the graphics software that I use – PS and AI – at great speeds. But will I build another PC with high-end specs for the next round? Actually, I don’t think so. I’ve been eyeing the Dell XPS 1530 as a desktop replacement for some time. The new (RED) version is lurvely, even comes with a (RED) version of Vista (below). If it runs PS well, that’s it lor.

2. I had no qualms about removing the Creative X-Fi card from my PC today. I suspect it’s been causing Vista to lock up quite a bit and wasting a lot of my time rebooting and troubleshooting the PC. Sure enough, I replaced it with the freebie Asus Supreme FX audio card that came with the motherboard – it’s a generic High Definition audio card for Windows – and the PC works just fine now. In the past, I would have balked at removing the X-Fi because it meant taking away a really great sound card – today, I just want my PC to work lah.

3. I’d rather play on my Xbox 360 rather than my gaming PC. Yes, this occurred way before I joined the Xbox team in SEA. I find it a chore to install games (swapping discs, anyone?) and you sometimes have to worry if your hardcore PC is hardcore enough. Crysis brought my PC to its metal knees! I’m not a hardcore RTS guy but prefer action games – there are quite a few of us who went to buy Devil May Cry 4 for the intense hacking and slacking. I do wish I was a teenager again with all the time to play Civ4 though.