Why some people shouldn’t get tattoos

The best tattoos are those that fit your job/personality/seafaring career

This is something I’ve been wanting to talk about for many years but never got round to it.

There are too many people in Singapore with lousy tattoos.

Especially tribal designs which have been the rage for the past decade.

C’mon, especially ladies with tribal designs, do you actually know what the design means? It’s just a bunch of sharp ends and curvy black strokes that don’t fit well with Asian skin.

I saw this girl at the MRT with an ugly tribal design on her shoulder blade. Frankly, it’s really awful because the positioning is wrong with regards to the shape of the tattoo, and she thinks she looks so cool with it but can’t carry it off.

Butterflies are cute, but too common.

I’ve always wanted to get one for my upper arm, but never did because I…

  • didn’t want to show off a flabby arm
  • couldn’t decide if a rose or a dragon was more my style. I did consider the Popeye anchor image, but feared being jeered at for life.
  • hate getting my skin poked

Anyway, before you decide to get a tattoo, I’d suggest you ask yourself:

  • What does the tattoo symbolise? Is it unique or something generic from the tattoo catalogue?
  • How would other people perceive it?
  • How does it fit into your body shape?
  • Will it get ugly as you get fatter?
  • What colors does it come in? (Frankly if you’re going to tattoo your skin, why stick to just boring and stark black? Don’t be stingy if you’re gonna mark your epidermis permanently, sheesh)

In my opinion, most people with ugly tattoos probably don’t even realise it.

10 Replies to “Why some people shouldn’t get tattoos”

  1. I knew this girl who had an intricate wreath tattooed around her navel. The burning question on my mind was, really, what the heck happens when ten years down the road, she gets pregnant / gets fat? Do all the colours spread out and get smudgy? The mind boggles.

  2. Hi Joc, yes, dolphins are nice, unless they’re displayed jumping over one’s butt crack!

    Germaine, pregnancy needn’t happen ten years down the road. Next month or even next week will do! I can just imagine if she had a smiley face tattoo-ed on – after pregnancy it’ll probably be frowning.

    Anyway, one thing I really cannot stand is guys who have super flabby arms and think that’s like the best ever canvas for intricate tattoos.

  3. I have a tattoo but it’s really well hidden ‘cos I got it for me! It’s quite a funny one in fact – a stickman with a lawnmower.

  4. 10 years down the road, my dolphins will turn to tuna fish, according to my friend. Which is about this time.

  5. People have a variety of reasons why they chose not to have a tattoo. These reasons can be philosophical, spiritual, or just a choice. Whatever it is, our society should learn to respect individual choices particularly in this art form. The same concept should also be observed to those who opt to have their skins inked.

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